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Zorro's First Appearance
Zorro's First Appearance

For as long as there have been heroes, there have been costumes and uniforms to strike fear into the villains and give hope to the people. The first hero to wear such a costume was Don Diego De La Vega, better known as Zorro.

Which, according to Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Strikes Again", inspired Bruce Wayne to use the guise of a dark figure to instill fear into criminals.

Some costumes, however, serve no purpose in concealing one's identity but have a more physical purpose in wearing, like Tony Stark's Iron Man suit or Doctor Doom's armor.

Likewise, some costumes are merely used to withstand the wear and tear of battle, like Superman's costume, which, according to the Golden Age version of Superman, was made from the blankets and clothing an infant Kal-EL brought in a rocket ship from Krypton.

Uniforms have been used for millennium by the military to identify their soldiers and recently to identify hey are used in folklore to stereotype creatures, like vampires and witches. Costumes are a symbol of theatricality, which goes above reality and normality, they show the world that the wearer is willing to stand out from the crowd.


Sometimes a character will change their costume, often when they under go

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