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I'm confused by this whole Kara will fall in love with Braniac 5 in the future thing...can someone explain.  I'm interested in Kara but I don't wanna jump on the book and be totally confused

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I'm not sure about it myself, but i know i don't like where it's going!

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Apparently in Braniac 5's timeline he and Kara are in love, but when She returned to her own time line Saturn girl blocked her memories so she wouldn't remember anything. So he's been being a dick to her for no reason so she doesn't remember the future.

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@Sha said:



Kara....... is soooooooooooooooo sexy.
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@Sha said:
 Flies through the moon


I know I'm HELLA late to this thread, but what is this from :)? 
Also, greetiongs fellow SG lovers ^^. I dont mean loves like that though >.>....Anyways, Im new to SG, but shes actually inspired a book im working on :). Although I have yet to actually buy a copy, I still have a few cbr's, *wink wink*.
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@Ellesar:  it's from the legion of superheroes, but this legion is from the future of earth prime.
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@RedK:  Ah thank you :). Got the CBR now too, and read it. Kinda confused. Was it really Kara that tore through those planets o.O? Or the dominator? If it was the dominator then why the hell is it here XD?
EDIT: Nevermind, just noted she was flying at top speed trying to catch it she says XD. Although I like the destruction she caused en route ;).
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@Ellesar said:
" @Sha said:
 Flies through the moon


I know I'm HELLA late to this thread, but what is this from :)?   Also, greetiongs fellow SG lovers ^^. I dont mean loves like that though >.>....Anyways, Im new to SG, but shes actually inspired a book im working on :). Although I have yet to actually buy a copy, I still have a few cbr's, *wink wink*. "
I'll have to find it for you.
P.S I'm going to virtually smack whomever keeps changing her picture...
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I wish I could answer your question but I also hate who ever keeps changing her picture.
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Late to the party, as usual.


Silver Age Supergirl's ghost (yes, she's already died in Crisis here) explains to Deadman why a hero does what they do.  I know it's (1) old and (2) not particularly cool by today's standards, but this moment always struck home for me, I think because the "no one remember we everexisted" line also refers to her.  
Plus, Giordano could really draw a gorgeous Kara!
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Supergirl seems to have gone Super saiyan in that first pic lol

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Faster than superman:







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@Sha: I picked Supergirl up at #50 and am now a full blown Supergirl fan.  My question is for other Supergirl fans old and young a like, what age do you think the youngest Supergirl reader should be?

I have been getting my niece and nephew involved in comics.  So, far I have sent them oodles of Tiny Titans and Power Pack books.  (I have also tentatively, decided I am going to send my niece my Batgirl collection.)  

I have been looking at some of the other series I pull and am trying to decide whether or not my mom and brother would kill me if I sent them to the kids.  I have discovered most of my books are not age appropriate for a 10 yr old girl or a 7 yr old boy.  

I know there is the T+ on the Supergirl cover but I am thinking, heck with that, it is a great book and my niece would love it.  

My question for other Supergirl fans; what starting age would be your recommendation for reading this Supergirl series?  
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I've seen this everywhere and so I'm spreading it.  Love this cover! Also liking the snow picture recently released.

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  The first year and a half of my Army career, people were treating me unfairly, never bothering to get to know me and casting their judgments. I was fighting through their negativity, pulling myself up after every knockdown. I've had my own villains to face and have become a stronger person from this experience.  
  Supergirl has had a rough and jagged start to heroism, having to step out of her cousin Kal's massive shadow and prove herself countless times. She is the sort of character any beaten down teenager or young adult can look up to and know that in this hard world (or parallel universe) there is someone else who feels exactly the way they do. She's a fighter and will mature into a powerful woman. I will always look up to Supergirl, she gives me a surge of morale that'll keep me going through my four month operational tour in October.  
(Yeah I know she's powerful already, but it's who she'll become as an individual. Fingers crossed she becomes a kick arse villain :D)

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@MrDirector786: Nice scans. Supergirl is a cool character.

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Supergirl (Kara Zor-El),has to be my favorite heroine! Her strength and abilites mask and may even emulate that of Kal's, her teenage innocence in a world never known to her until until she landed on earth, and especially her great prowess and fearlesness, there's nothing to not love about her! And her beauty is another plus for me

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Very nice thread

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Someone bring me up to speed please ^_^

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@shanana said:

Someone bring me up to speed please ^_^

Here I am a whole three years later still waiting on an update.

I really need to be brought back up to date with Kara, once the NU hit, I just wasn't feeling her. She doesn't even seem like the same character from before. I need some issues or arcs to bring me back to my SG, we've been divorced for so long.!

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Heroine Hotsauce

Supergirl (DC Comics) does for comic book gender values something very interesting that Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Catwoman (DC Comics), and Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics) do not: she provides a framework for missionary valor.

She is, after all, second-in-command to the Man of Steel. We can use Supergirl to talk about real life pedestrian heroines such as Phoolan Devi and Mother Teresa.

We fantasize about gender greatness in Supergirl stories, because they remind us of terrific deeds.

Bandit Queen (Film)

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