Is Supergirl (New 52) worth it?

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Well, I started reading Supergirl when it was released in 2011, becuase I solely enjoyed the plot, a little. I stopped after issue 5 because I wanted to reduce what I read, but I'm looking back at it now and wondering if I should continue.

Is Supergirl worth the read? How has the storyline evolved up until now?

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It's currently in the H'el on Earth crossover, and has been pretty solid. This weeks #16 with The Flash may not be the best jumping on point, as it starts where Superboy #16 left off. I'd either go back to #14 and pick up where the crossover started or wait til #18 in March when the next arc begins.

I've really liked H'el on Earth but it's getting mixed'd be best picking up #14 and deciding for yourself on that one. Supergirl has been portrayed as a little gullible (albeit powerful) and I think seeing her getting suckered into someone else's plans has upset some readers. Whether or not she made the right choice has yet to be seen.

Other than that Supergirl #13 was actually a great standalone throwback issue if you don't want to get tied up in it all.

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I like it.

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i like it so far,but it seemed to be getting low reviews from viners. Thats their opinion but mine is very solid.

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I like it :)

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I've only read the first 7 issues, but it was very good.

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