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After a battle with a giant robot at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, Supergirl discovers that the robot came from a secret underwater complex and investigates in "This Meeting Will Come to Disorder."

Supergirl, “This Meeting Will Come to Disorder.”

We continue from the last issue with Supergirl pursuing the Robot Matrix Prime underneath Lake Michigan. Supergirl follows the robot to an underwater bunker. In order to slow her down, Matrix Prime releases some of its drones to attack Supergirl. Supergirl puts a stop to the drones by freezing them with her super-breath. After discovering the bunker is lined in lead and she can’t see the inside, she decides to use her muscle and rip a whole in it so she can see the inside.

Meanwhile, in a dark room we see Mr. Adams in a meeting with all of the Council members via computer screen. The Chairman is expressing his great disappointment in Mr. Adams for failure to execute his assignments discreetly. The Chairman is particularly annoyed by Mr. Adams’ actions because Supergirl is now involved. For his failure, the Chairman has Mr. Adams shot.

In the bunker Supergirl is attempting to be stopped by men with guns, which she deals with, with little effort. Supergirl is now being attacked by Matrix Prime. She discovers that Gang member Brains, is controlling the Robot telepathically and is commanding it to attack the Girl of Steel. At the end of the battle Supergirl smashes the skull area of Matrix Prime and discovers that it sent feedback to Brains, as a result of the feedback, Brains blacks out.

Two men working for the Council Chairman put a device in a smaller vessel and the vessel leaves the underwater bunker. Meanwhile, Supergirl enters a room and sees the dead body of Mr. Adams of the Council.

After Supergirl wraps things up at the underwater bunker she heads back to her apartment. At her apartment Cheryl Delarye and Daryll Simmons invite Linda to a Jazz Concert. While at the concert Linda gets an eerie feeling from a mysterious woman. A high pitched squeal hurts Linda’s ears, the mysterious woman runs away and Linda chases after her. The mysterious woman stops running and transforms into something ominous.

Continued in the next issue, Supergirl No. 8, “The New Doom Patrol.”

Lois Lane, “Reflection of Murder.”

We continue from the last issue with Kristin Cutler leaving her child on the doorstep of Lois Lane’s home. Lois Lane brings the baby with her to work. Lois Lane heads out of the Daily Planet with the baby to take to a children’s shelter temporarily so Lois can find the baby’s father, and find out what happened to Kristin Cutler. As she heads out of the office Perry White cautions Lois to not doing anything foolish.

Lois Lane is at the Bureau of Vital Statistics with the help of Mark Spencer and Jamie Gillis, searching for records that might be of any help to them. The three of them analyze elements from the murder to see if they come up with any clues. Lois theorizes that the killer is Kristin Cutler’s own husband, because he hadn’t contacted the police about Kristin missing. Lois finds Kristin’s marriage certificate and discovers that Kristin’s husband, Rick Gerard is a member of the mob. Lois then comes to the conclusion that Gerard could have known about the murder of his wife even before the murder took place. Mark Spencer informs Lois that Gerard has been connected to a lot of major crimes, but the police have yet to hang one of them on to him. While Mark and Jamie clean up at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Lois heads back to the Planet to figure out a way to lure Gerard out into the open.

Lois Lane convinces Dolores to print in the newspaper that the Planet knows who the killer of Kristin Cutler is. Lois Lane’s plan is to lure and then trap Gerard at the police impound where Kristin’s car is.

The plan works. The police capture Gerard and get a confession out of him that he did kill his wife.

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