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Supergirl #12 Review 0

Supergirl #12 ReviewOverview:Supergirl meets up with Superman before going deep sea diving.The Good:The story is pretty good, particularly the opening scene with Superman where they talk about the differences between them and how even though they are family, neither of them trust each other completely; Kara because she doesn’t really know if they are really family, and Clark because he feels she is not careful with her powers. This dynamic is something that is really interesting because before t...

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The Lonely Girl In An Empty Friendly World 0

Supergirl's been very slowly starting to lose its surprisingly excellent touch touch lately, the Banshee arc had a very awkward and inconsistent balance of plot elements between nice 'becoming an Earthling' touches and so-so flashy action story, and last issue I was pretty bothered by her sudden decision to leave her only Earth friends behind because she's "dangerous." And this generic crowded cover really didn't excite me for this issue.However, with all that said, this issue loops around and g...

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A faint echo 0

In terms of the series thus far, I have felt that it has maintained a decent amount of momentum and it pacing has been decent enough.  There have been times when this hasn't been the case though, and this issue resembles more one of those times than the others.  The talk with Superman is well handled in a sense, though it felt kind of forced and illogical at times.  As with a lot of moments at DC it seems to assume to dominant position of Superman just because he is Superman.  This is well handl...

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