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Superduperman is a spoof of Superman who undertakes various and strange missions/tasks. Clark Bent is an assistant to a copy boy at The Daily Dirt newspaper, where he tries and fails to "caress" Lois Pain (a parody of Lois Lane). There are rumors of an 'unknown monster' stalking the streets of the city and Mr. Bent becomes curious of this mysterious case. Bent changes into Superduperman to help save the day. The boy reporter Billy Spafon is the unknown monster, Captain Marbles (a parody of Captain Marvel), and reveals so to the public. Superduperman is unable to harm Captain Marbles until he provokes Marbles into punching himself in the head, causing a powerful blow that defeats the creature. Hoping this will be enough to sway Lois Pain, he reveals his alter ego, only to be rejected again. The story cruelly ends "once a freak always a freak."

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