superboy not just a TK brick,TACTILE makes him SUPER

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tactile telekinesis used to to mean manipulating things by touch,but now it means so much more.ive heard ppl say sb's tk is no different than hellions,or any other tk wielder,but if you think that you clearly are not paying attention.

yes he has tk just like all the others,but he has tactile in front of it for a reason,it makes him a equal to a kryptonian.

he can perceive everything around him=supersenses,learn and retain everything he scans=super intelligent,react and manipulate anything he scans=tk superspeed.

yhe beat kid flash by making contact with him,he could see how fast he was going,and move his tk fast enough to push bart past his limits,same for when he fought supergirl,he was getting pounded by her,and when he made contact woth her he could catch her fist and blast her,but later in that same issue they both were flying and she took off and he couldnt see her cause they werent in contact.

he has two weaknesses,one is that he has to consciously control his tk now,the second is that he has to touch things to use his ttk sesnses,which means if he cant touch something,he cant perceive things,and he is using basic human senses.

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that i didn't know thank you for the info

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Superboy is still unaware of the capability of his Tactile Telekinesis powers, He is still just in learning phase or more of a character development phase so we still have to discover more about the true nature of his power.

In last issue Superboy #12 , Superboy just used his own power on himself to spit out the alchohol he drank before.

Superboy can even sense Danger around him without any concentration It's just works like Spider sense. He was also able to find his landlady or girlfriend with his TTK powers easily without any touch or contact.

So the writers are still exploring and expanding the Superboy's powers in different ways, we just have wait and watch.

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good information about his tactile telekinesis powers I like that they expanding and being creativity with it like in 12 he used it on himself spilt out alcohol in his system I also like expanding being creativity with his TTK senses like in 12 when had that alcohol drink he could tell substances and compound in drink I thought that was cool, he also sense danger around that without any concentration but like btmt said still unaware true capability of his Tactile Telekinesis powers.

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tk is tk no matter what spin you put on it

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actually no one is debating that his TK is any different than other high level TK users,what i and others are sayikg is that his sensory abilities make him far far more than just a TK user.

anything he can touch he can totally and completley scan and learn about,that is huge if you think about it.that makes sensing ppl you know ,powerful ppl,or trouble comijg your way easy,breakijg dowm chemical compounds in drinks or anything simple,he could literally learn anything.

i thoughtissue 12 was great in terms of kons character and powers,but blah when it came to his nightclub buddies and the villian of the month.

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