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Doesn't Feel As Super As Last Issue

There's something going on with the vegetation in Smallville. With Poison Ivy on the scene, will Superboy fight her up with here? 

The Good 

It's up to Superboy to get to the bottom of things. There's something big and bad happening in Smallville and it may be more than he can handle, even with the help of Krypto and Simon. It's always good to see that there is more to Smallville than the Kent farm and the downtown area. The location of the main battle here gives Smallville more of a realistic feel. Despite being full of farms and open fields, you know there's bound to be some bad stuff going down. The ominous ending makes up for the minor gripes I had.

The Bad 

Superboy is too quick in trusting Poison Ivy. He is shown as being cautious at first but easily gives in, even with Ivy not using and of her influential abilities. I still can't say I'm a fan of Simon. The fact that he knows Superboy's secret means he's bound to stick around longer. He may have a big role in this issue but it'll take more than his actions here to get me to warm up to him. The way Superboy was drawn almost felt rushed here compared to what I remember from last issue. I was blown away with issue #1 but something here doesn't sit right. 

The Verdict 

This didn't feel like the quite the same Poison Ivy from Gotham City Sirens. The action is quick but we are rewarded with a mysterious twist at the end. I'm still trying to get used to Superboy's friend Simon but I'm not sure if that will happen. Superboy felt as if he made decisions too quickly but the tease at the end will provide for an interesting plot in future issues.

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