i want to read the book's he is in.

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i want to start learning more about superboy prime, so can someone suggest some, if not all, of his issues or trades?
his character seems really cool and i just want to know where to start and finish with him.
and i have already asked on the "where should i start" thread, but no one replied.
so if you could help, that would be great.  

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@innocence: the way i learned is by watching videos on youtube and reading everything on the internet i could about him but i dont have any of his books sorry hope this helps  
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@innocence: I could put some scans
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@innocence:  He's in crisis on infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Countdown to final crisis. and legion of three worlds all of which are in trades. He's appeared in more just go to his page on the vine, it will tell you every issue he has been in.
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He's also been on Adventure Comics.

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His origins are pretty similar to the Clark from :
"Superman: Secret Identity"

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an sinestro corps war
an blackest night adventure comics

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@innocence: Here's his origin
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10Gallery image 11Gallery image 12Gallery image 13Gallery image 14Gallery image 15Gallery image 16Gallery image 17Gallery image 18

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