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Ok I was just sitting around watching the Legion           of Superheros and it hit me some ppl want to see Superboy Prime and some want to see Kel El in the comics so what if Lex Luthor gets it in his head to find a way to where Superboy prime is take some DNA and make a clone which he would call Kel El. So Kel would fight for luthor for a bit but ends up turning on him and ultimately being an good guy and either he goes to the future and becomes a Legion member or something big happens where he has to make the ultimate sacrifice. 
so i thought it would make and interesting story what are some of your opinions? 

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I don't think we'll see SBP in a while

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ya but i just thought it would be interesting 

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i know :)

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the more i think of it the more i wish it would happen imagine SBP and his equally if not more powerful clone go head to head

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@ X:
i dont think he can be cloned as amazo couldnt copy his powers

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