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When a giant crab beast rises out of the sea, the only thing standing in its way is Hawaii's own dynamic duo--Superboy and Knockout. But who is that plotting and scheming from the shadows?

Superboy is training with Knockout at the ruins of his old school Ilupani High (which was destroyed in a battle from last issue) when members of the school board show up. Superboy starts apologizing as Knockout asks to be left out of it, bailing on Superboy. His old teacher tells him that the board has decided to expel Superboy from public school to "minimize future destruction". We move onto the Police Academy where a Metropolis SCU agent demonstrates a weapon for the newly established Hawaii SCU, on an unsuspecting Roxy Leech (who is now a week into her police training.) It is mentioned the weapon is not even available to the Metro SCU. The squad consisting of the SCU officer, SWAT members, Inspector Makoa and Max Lopaka of homicide (introduced here) are talking about the murder case of an officer who died in last issue's fight, named in this issue as Wes Smithson. This case is the center of the mini series' plot as well as the Hawaii SCU's first case. They are waiting for Dubbilex who would help recreate the scene of the murder using his psychic power.

Meanwhile, as Knockout tells Superboy that he's left with just powers training (which he previously had to split time with real school) a giant robot crab stars attacking the beach. They fight the crab, the crab catches fire and changes into a fire monster, and Superboy realizes it's someone he knows, Bernie Murlock aka B.E.M (from issue 10). Reporter Tana Moon arrives and Superboy wants to settle previous issues between the 2 women, but Knockout has other plans. She kisses Superboy and persuades Superboy to take her and leave the scene leaving Tana in shock to get her story from the rescued B.E.M. Superboy feels bad about leaving without a word to Tana, Knockout tells him he now has to choose between "kindergarten" and "college". By now Dubbilex has pieced the scene of the battle with the furies from the memories of police officers who were present there. Knockout is revealed to be pushing Wes Smithson out, snapping his spine in the process. The SCU recruits the help of Roxy as a consultant in the hunt for Knockout and the skills of Snare of Draper Inc.

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