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  1. Clark Kent's Super-Father! (Superboy, Ma and Pa Kent, Lewis Lang, Jax-Ur, Superboy Robot, Kryptonite, with a Legion of Super-Heroes Cameo / written by Otto Binder : reprinted from: Adventure Comics #289)
    Jonathan touches a jewel and gets super powers
  2. The Jigsaw Puzzle Murder! (Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy: reprinted from: Star Spangled Comics #55)
    A jigsaw puzzle gives clues to a murder
  3. The Astounding Separated Man (Teen Titans, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Hippolyta / written by Bob Haney : reprinted from: Brave and the Bold #60)
  4. Kid Eternity Hoax! (Kid Eternity : reprinted from: Hit Comics #46)
  5. The Eight Impossible Missions (starring the Legion of Super-Heroes, Jimmy Olsen, Pete Ross, Jor-El (flashback), Lucy lane (cameo) / written by Jerry Siegel : reprinted from Adventure Comics #323)
    Two parts: 1, The Eight Impossible Mission, and 2, The Amazing Winner of the Great Proty Puzzle!
  6. Whoever solves Proty's puzzles becomes the Legion's leader!
  7. The origin of Little Boy Blue (Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys : reprinted from: Sensation Comics #1)
  8. The Rip Van Winkle of Smallville (Superboy : reprinted from; Adventure Comics #208)
  9. Key to DC's Young Heroes! (key to the heroes featured on the cover)

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