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The fictional massive team of super powered characters named Super Nation was first introduced in the Comico series titled the Elementals. was superhero comic book first published in 1984 and created by Bill Willingham, for which he was both writer and artist. The first appearance of the Super nation was in the pages of Elementals #20 - Supernature Summit - Part Four of the Gathering. Bill Willingham never finished the series and was replaced by another writer before the end. Comico's publisher Andrew Rev purchased the Elementals property from Willingham in the 1990s and the characters of Super nation have not been used in publication since that time.


Calling all supernaturals
Calling all supernaturals

In the later end of the Comico creation known as the Elementals they produced a final chapter of the series which the plot revolved around the religious touchstones familiar since the series started. The writers decided to take the heroes in a more worldly setting again and brought together a multitude of former characters tied in with the Elementals. Pitting them all into an incoming alien invasion on planet Earth. With the Elementals being attacked outside a bar in Philidelphia after attending Porter Scott's funeral, as he was murdered by the vampire Captain Cadaver. Agents of the rouge planet which had been approching the planet already entering the solar system. The two agents known as Holly and floater nearly destroyed the team if it wasnt for the assistance of the Asgardian god Thor. Now aware of the urgency and the imense challenge their world would soon face Monolith decided to come up with a plan.

Traveling to the ancient ruins of Asgard Monolith used Odin's magical lookout to see exactly what they were up against. He than put out the news to every supernatural being, of all sorts, calling them to a formal meeting on Asgard. Soon former allies, enemies, powerful entitys, and former great Gods joined together to mingle and listen to the battle pland and stategy Monolith had put together. He had hoped that with strategic attacks and the combined small units he formed would be able to defeat even the deadly planet loaming nearby. As they formed the new alliance of supernaturals naming themselved the Super Nation or Supernaturals, Earth's skies were being rained upon by hundreds of travel speres from the planet. The speres landed on Nacht Island and although many did not make the trip to Earth intact those that did killed every living being on the island. The full conquest of the island took less than three hours.

Rubbing elbows in Asgard
Rubbing elbows in Asgard

The invading Oblivion Planet that came from the distant stars was actually Hell, and was ruled by a powerful being know as Lord Oblivion. The Elementals arch enemy Saker had told them that Lord Oblivion had come to Earth to reclaim the power that the roaming Shadowspear had been draining from his realm. It had appeared that Lord Oblivion was the "Devil" and also the father of Morningstar's husband the deminsional magician named Merlin Ambrose. With a desire to kill or capture Earth's numerous superbeings, Lord Oblivion sent more agents and demons to Earth. In response the newly gathered paranormals of Earth which had banded together under the leadership of Monolith and invaded the Oblivion Planet. Earth's supernatural army did significant damage but also suffered many losses in their second attack on the Oblivion Planet.

Meanwhile Oblivion forces invaded Earth, capturing Nacht Island and attacking many major American cities. The Elementals was victories in defeating Lord Oblivon and the Oblivion Planet left the solar system.

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