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Jupiter circus was a super successful circus group in Rajnagar. The presence of highly skilled acrobats and artists helped it to beat other circuses in competition and become the no 1 circus of Rajanagar. Its two most famous artists Shyam and Radha loved each other and soon they got married. After sometime a child was born to them who was named Dhruva. Inheriting athletic skills from his parents Dhruva spent his childhood in the circus learning various skills like martial arts, gymnastics, shooting and archery, talking to birds and animals from the master artists themselves. All these skills combined with a sharp mind of Dhruva made him the master of these arts.

              Just when Jupiter circus was at its peak, the owner of Global circus hired goons to destroy the entire circus because of suffering huge losses in business. When the goons reached Jupiter circus’s camp they set ablaze the entire camp resulting in the killing of the entire circus staff and artists and the destruction of its property. Dhruva was not in the camp at that time and returned only to find out the charred bodies of his parents and his loved one’s. There he overheard the goons talking to the owner of the rival circus about the success of their plan and realized the reason behind the tragedy. With tears in his eyes and revenge in his heart Dhruva vowed to take revenge and very soon put all the accused behind the bars.

Highly impressed by such amazing skills at such a young age, the police commissioner of Rajnagar police I.G Mehra adopted Dhruva, and since then Dhruva has become an integral part of Mehra's life. Since then Dhruva has dedicated his life to fight against criminals and to erase the element of crime.


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Super Commando Dhruva is one superhero who has no clear superpowers. He mostly contests his battles by using common things present in the surroundings, some common sense and basic scientific principles. Earlier Dhruva did not had any extra weapons other than star blades(sharp metallic blades in the shape of star) which he used to throw at his enemies but in issue Dhruva-Shakti her sister Shweta gave her a new set of equipments. These included two bracelets one for shooting star blades and the other for ejecting star line (metallic wire with star blades at the end ),a star belt consisting of an star transmitter(keeps Dhruva connected with the commando headquarters and other important city contacts via radio frequency) ,acid and nerve gas capsules . Besides Dhruva also has folding roller skates attached to his boots, but at the top of all these it is the sharp and intelligent mind of Dhruva which serves as his most powerful weapon.

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