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#1 Posted by DJBRACHA (31 posts) - - Show Bio

which suicide squad members you want to see in the movie?

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#2 Posted by SiycoBat (162 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadshot, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and Yo-yo.

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#3 Posted by gettogaara (167 posts) - - Show Bio

Movie? Is it going to be animated or live action?

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#4 Posted by mightyrearranger (1786 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh lord, please let it somehow revolve around the 80s Squad and not the current one. As much as I love King Shark, he'd be better suited to an animated film (and a Secret Six one, if anything).

Would love to see Waller and the Squad comprised of Rick, Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Boomerang, Plastique, Nightshade, and maybe throw Cap Cold in there too. Give it some expendables like Slipknot and we're golden.

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