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Not quite as epic a cover as Kot's first issue, but it keeps up the same tone for sure. Patrick Zircher's interior art continues to be perfect for this series, truly dark and intense, he definitely captures James Jr. PERFECTLY now that he's able to show him in full, consistently.

Last issue set of this arc as demonstration of the new better era of Suicide Squad. Part James Jr.'s analysis of all of the members, and part renewed effort on the part of Amanda to completely break them to her will. This issue was all set to continue that, but Harley took things off the rails, and blended the next arc into this one, still part two of the story, but both parts are now under a bigger umbrella.

There's three main conflicts running through this issue that are as fascinating as they are fantastic. There's the much more basic battle of skills and trickery between Deadshot and The Unknown Soldier, both such talented and hard-to-read characters on opposite sides of Amanda's manipulations. But on a much deeper level, you've got the dual battles of Harley vs. Amanda on manipulation, and Harley vs. James Jr. on psychonanalysis. There's a beautiful standoff between psychotic analysts towards the end of this issue, with Amanda as the hostage who may or may not have planned more than she appeared to. The ideas of control and loyalty are thrown completely into question with a cast full of emotional blanks and chaotic emotionals. The psychological intensity is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

Certain points of the story get a little hectic when we start seeing bits and pieces of what comes after, but overall there's still all of the same dark disturbing psychosis that made Kot's debut such an amazing change.

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