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Just Commit Suicide Already

I really, really don't like Henrik Jonsson's artwork. It's rushed and messy and simplistic, and just.... ugh. Harley at least doesn't look as much like a transvestite in this issue as she did in other recent issues, but he makes up for that by frequently failing to draw backgrounds. That, and Red Orchid is a complete and utter visual mess of a character. Her weird spiky shoulders look awful, but not nearly as awful as her damn disturbing eyes that look like a middle schooler drew them. And how useless is a vine spawning character who has nerves in every vine? Harley stabs one of her far branched out extremities and Red Orchid screams in pain. Wow. THAT'S an effective power, he said, his voice thick with sarcasm.

Regulus should've died. Like I said when they revealed him at the end of the previous issue, I know "never found the body" is comic book lingo for "not dead," but the Basilisk storyline was already painfully drawn out far beyond the point of reasonable length. Couldn't you save the resurgence of Regulus and Basilisk for a follow-up arc later on instead of BRINING HIM BACK THE VERY NEXT STORY!?

Team 7 has been dispersed outwards in the DCU, but it's gotten way too thin and wide-reaching. It's only a so-so series to begin with, and things are getting ridiculous and hard to follow. Wasn't Kurt Lance still working for Amanda to manipulate the Teen Titans? Or was that Jocelyn Lure, I can't remember, they both look the freaking same now. But then he was also causing trouble in Birds of Prey for.... reasons I have no idea. Did he get captured in a subplot in the Teen Titans/Red Hood Death of the Family Tie-in? He's spread so thin I can barely remember. And another nail in the aforementioned ruination of Amanda Waller is the overwhelming care she seems to have for Kurt. Ugh. Just... ugh. I don't buy her threats to blow up people's skull bombs at this point, based on what I've seen from her. The Wall wouldn't have even given a damn warning. Sigh.

Towards the end of the issue, the fight devolves into a massive clusterf*** as some people may or may not have changed sides, and water and I don't even know anymore. And what about Voltaic!? It seems like just touching him gives you a severe electric shock, so who's bright idea was it to FLOOD THE PLACE SO THE ELECTRIC MAN IS IN THE WATER WITH EVERYONE ELSE. Except nothing bad comes of it, which makes no sense. It's implied that King Shark was another mole, which was my bet for the first mole in the first place, but even if it's true that's too much. It's the same problem the first arc of Birds of Prey had. The villain's readiness is far too excessive, and it's blatantly obvious how forced it is. "Oh by the way, there's been another mole all along. Yeah." It's one of those things where an arc is already stretched too long, and the writer wants to stretch it more so it's like "HEY LOOK ANOTHER TRAP!"

I'm also baffled by Yo-Yo. He keeps talking about never caring about anyone else, and not being a hero; but from what little we've seen of him.... his heroism doesn't surprise me in the least. It's supposed to be a sudden change of heart, but it's not sudden at all, I expected it from him. He's just... nice.

In Conclusion: 1.5/5

Generic and shallow at best, Suicide Squad is a complete and utter mess of a series, like a Frankenstein's monster of other bad New 52 series' patchworked together into one big monster. Regulus wasn't the best villain ever to begin with, and now I just want him to die forever because this series is basically dedicated to trying to make him the biggest baddest villain ever without any real effort.

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