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Some Fun

With this issue, I think I'm starting to appreciate Suicide Squad for what it is a little bit more. I still don't think it's that good, even if I judge it from the lower standards, but I was able to actually shut my brain off for a bit and actually kind of enjoy myself despite the MANY flaws. The team actually functioned somewhat smoothly, and not just on the surface, but in literary terms. Yo-Yo provided most of the banter, with Harley on fire additionally; the two of them driving the morale and pacing. They're having fun, and beckon you to join them. Their crazy energy actually persuaded me to let my guard down just a bit. King Shark really needs to take more of the spotlight, he gets very little, and there's already a quiet guy on the team. Voltaic is actually kind of creepy in his robotic approach to his missions, and an epic scene demonstrating his new powers was certainly the highlight of the issue.

Henrik Jonsson's artwork is... mediocre. The lines are really thin, and overall it feels like he's someone who's called in when a job needs to get done in a hurry. The scenery is simplistic, the enemies are cookie-cutter fodder, and as I said about the last issue, Jonsson's Harley frequently looks like a transvestite. The facial expressions for most characters are pretty awkward most of the time, and just... I just don't like it. It feels really generic and half-assed, even though it doesn't look 'crappy.'

This issue really takes its time to revel in the mayhem, spending just a bit too much time with the various rabble. It's all well and fun, but leaves very little room for any real plot movement or developments. And to throw off the pacing just a bit more, there's an odd flashback stuck right in the middle. One that really doesn't tell us a whole lot that's actually worth much of anything.

WOW. I mean, I know I just said 'couldn't find the body' is code for 'everyone will still be surprised when he returns' but I thought we'd at least get some time to focus elsewhere for a bit. But no, Regulus is already right back in the spotlight. As if this whole Basilisk thing hadn't dragged on far too long already.

In Conclusion: 2.5/5

I let my guard down and for a while I was having enough fun to maybe knock things up to a 3/5, especially when Voltiac won a fight by being stabbed through the chest. But then Red Orchid showed up with her horrendously stupid looking eyes; and then Regulus came back and all those memories of the crappy parts of Basilisk came flooding back.

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