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Little is know about Sugarbaby before her and Duece rescued Ash from the Deadites in Arkum Ayslum. She possesses vodoo magic and above average fighting skills. She offen dresses like a nurse but has yet to show any signs that that is her profession. She has been possessed by the Deadites through a tattoo of the necronomicon on her lower back. She has been turned into a vampire but was given part of Ash's soul to change her back to human.

Major Story Arcs

Army of Darkness vs The Re-Animator

Sugarbaby with the help of Duece rescue Ash from his Deadite prison, but when the two are captured she is forced to watch Dr. Herbert West kill and reanitmate her friend Duece. Once Ash saved her, it was Sugarbaby the pulled Ash out of the rumble when he destroied the Ayslum.

Old School

When Ash is depressed Sugarbaby explains that he can see Sheila one more time but he has to go back to the cabin that started it all. When they get there Ash demands that Sugarbaby stays in the car but she gets inpatiencent and tries to help. This is where she gets possessed and Ash has to lock her in room. When he destroys the cabin Sugarbaby sees Sheila's ghost but is knocked out before she can do anything about it.

Ash vs Dracula

When Sugarbaby and Ash get to New York City, Sugarbaby is kidnapped and turned into a vampire, but when Ash kills Dracula he uses the Necronomicon to change her back, by giving her a piece of his own soul.

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