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Drake is one of the three Flying Apollos, acrobats and co-owners of the Bandmaster Circus.  When Drake's partners are killed in a trapeze accident, he suspects foul play.  While searching for clues, he bumps into movie star Don Daring.  Startled by their uncanny resemblance, Daring offers Drake a job as his stunt double.  Drake accepts, continuing his investigation after hours, disguised in a modified version of his Flying Apollos costume as the Stuntman. 
In time, he learns that the Bandmaster's manager was behind the killings, keen to be rid of his partners.  Pleased with the results, Drake decides to continue his crime-fighting career, often aided by Daring and actress Sandra Sylvan. 
He has faced many threats and often comes to the rescue of his two companions Sandra Sylvan and Don Daring. He has been given many opportunities to become his own film star but nonetheless is content being a double for Don Daring.


Stuntman has no superpowers, but is a brilliant athlete, expert bowman and knows how to roll with falls and punches.
Though he has a uncanny resemblance to film start Don Daring and often pretends to be him while Don is out chasing his dreams of being a detective

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