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Cybele Sahin first encountered The Web after he tracked her through a software that was able to show him the woman who killed Trish Fletcher's grandmother, Eugenia. After coldly admitting her responsibility, because she thought Web was going to die regardless, she easily dominated Web for most of the fight, forcing him to retreat to his Web-Lair. Even then, she still managed to find him and fight him, while subtly expressing her desire to work alongside him in another situation. Sensing permanent defeat, Web did a suicide attack with his Afterburners and punched Stunner hard, in which it made her die for the time being. After being relocated to the place of the fight and taken to the morgue, she was alive the whole time by draining the energy of the forensic workers, which led Web to have a rematch with her, while noticing how bloodthirsty she gets when debilitated beforehand. Web was going to win, but the thugs working for the Global Concern came by to stall Web and rescue her. She then was next seen with Martin Scott and Deuces Wilde, apparently killing Web. Web employed her tactics after eating a Pez and through KitCat's remote assistance, which drained her of her abilities again. After recharging thanks to Scott's bodyguards, she was about to kill Web, with Swien giving assistance to her, proclaiming that she wants to beat him to death rather than drain him for it would overstimulate her. Using her words against her, Web made Stunner drain Swien that it overstimulated her as well as overloaded her intake, just enough to put her and Swien down for the count. It is unknown if she and Swien survived after Scott rigged his house with C-4.

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