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After the super hero Jack Hawksmoor began to lead the super hero team the Authority the team started to fight a different kind of enemy than many of the other hero teams. They would fight against the evils of the world such as corrupt governments and give homes to people who had lost them on the Carrier. However the richest and greatest countries couldn't stand this new tactic so they sent a SPB named Seth. He snuck aboard the Carrier by hiding inside the body of a girl delivering pizza. Soon he started to fight off the Authority one by one using his many many powers against them. The only member that made it out was Midnighter taking the baby Jenny Quantum with him.

Death of Street
Death of Street

Soon however that didn't matter and the big countries went ahead with the next part of their scheme to replace the Authority with a New Authority. This team was formed from members from each of the G7 countries and was under orders from them. Street was the american member of the team and was a stereo-typcial black rapper from the ghetto. He was chosen to replace Hawksmoor himself and was given his powers. The New Authority took the Carrier as their base and found a group of refugees that the Authority had been housing, but the new team didn't care about them at all and dumped them out of the ship. Soon this would turn into the teams first battle and first mistake. The location the refugees where dumped was called Re-Space and while there they where given the power to re do the world as they saw fit. They took the power and money of the new teams bosses and then turned them into the old team. However the transformation would be short lived because Last Call who was used to replace Midnighter was a homophobic and couldn't stand to be in love with Apollo and when he touched him he broke free and freed the others. The leader Colonel used Re-Space to turn everything to the way it was and then left.

Later the fates of the original team was revealed. Each one was given a new and crappy life and Jack Hawksmoor may have been given the worse. Most of the others had their memories of the super lives taken away but Jack could remember who he was but he had his powers and connection with the cities taken away so was the majority of his mind. He spent time trying to tell people who he was but they didn't believe and he was forced to beg for food and change. During a battle with SPBs from the 27th century Street displayed powers Jack hadn't and showed he could turn the city into living construct he could shape which he would use to fight for him in violent and gruesome ways. Soon however the Midnighter came out of hiding. He snuck aboard the Carrier just as Seth did and then ran over Midnighter with the pizza bike the girl road in.


Street was created to replace Jack Hawksmoor and as such was given his powers and made into a cyborg like him. He had enhanced strength, agility, duaribility and control over the cities which he would use to mold avatars. He also shared Jack's weakness since he was killed when he was on the Carrier by being run over.

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