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Seeking to improve her martial arts skills, Sakura seeks guidance from her idol Ryu, but her efforts are disrupted by the enthusiastic Dan Hibuki.

Sakura wants to improve here martial arts and she seeks counseling from Ryu her idol


Dan Hibiki is looking for sakura to potentially take her as a student and a rematch battle. He laments that their first meeting had her beating the tar out of him but it was because he had held back. In reality she outclassed him quite easily.

Sakura meanwhile is racing to school after waking up late as a result of staying up all night training. She gets to class but sleeps through just about everything. She races home to chat with ryu online, when he tells her the best road to becoming a better fighter is training under many masters she calls up her friends for them to go to a wrestling match to see r.Mika.

Dan turns up and issue a challenge in his campy way. Sakura is bust however and mows him down on her bike. At the wrestling match Mika fight and defeats Zangeif. She goes outside to sign autographs. Sakura gets her autograph and asks mika if she can incorporate her moves into her style then she demonstrates on kai all the moves she knowns, to kais eternal chargin.

Sakura gets complimented by Mika right before zangeif bursts in and challenges mika to a rematch







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