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An unexpected reunion reveals tragedy for Chun-Li, as M. Bison and Shadaloo launch their final attack. PLUS! Flash-back to Killer Bee's first test by Shadaloo, as she pits her skills against Vega in this special story illustrated by Hyung-Tae Kim!


Charlie sits alone, wondering to himself what M. Bison did to him as he tears the Shadaloo insignia from his vest.

At Gouken's dojo, Ryu and Sagat face one another. Telling Ken that this is his fight, Ryu stands alone against Sagat's charge. As the two of them exchange blows, Ryu realizes that Sagat has grown much stronger since he last faced him, and wonders if he could have killed Gouken.

Suddenly Sagat ends the fight, saying that as much as he may want to, he will not fight Ryu now. Ryu asks if he had anything to do with his master's death. With a derisive snort, Sagat tells him that of course he didn't. He says he came to warn Ryu that Bison intended to make him one of his soldiers using dishonorable means that Sagat does not approve of. Ryu asks Sagat why he is telling him this, when he is Bison's partner, and Sagat replies that he would take no satisfaction is defeating one of Bison's mindless puppets. He says the only way he will ever regain his honor is to face Ryu at full strength in the next Street Fighter Tournament. Ryu tells him that he looks forward to it, as Sagat leaves, telling him to train hard, because the Sagat he willl face will not be the foolish man he once scarred.

After Sagat leaves, Ken reminds Ryu that they are supposed to be meeting the interpol guys at the shrine, and they head out.

Also heading towards the shrine are Sakura, and a less then enthused Kei.Kei asks Sakura why she is always getting into trouble, mentioning that Sakura and Karin beat each other up every day. Sakura says that that is why she needs to find someone to train her: so she'll never lose another fight.

Meanwhile Guile and Chun-Li drive toward their meeting with Ken and Ryu. When Chun-Li wonders what Bison plans on doing with Ryu, Guile responds that he might be planning to brainwash him, like he did Charlie. He once again reiterates that Charlie would never have willingly followed Bison, and says that Shadaloo has been recruiting the world's top scientists - specifically those specializing in neurology, genetics and A.I.

Before they can discuss it further, the two of them are buzzed by a helicopter. It lands in front of them and Charlie steps out. He quickly convinces them that he is himself again, and tells them that Bison controls some sort of energy that is extrememly powerful. It was this energy Bison used to control Charlie, forcing to kill for Shadaloo..

Chun-Li asks Charlie if his mission to find her father was successful. He says it was, and tells her that he's sorry, but that Chun-Li's father was killed in front of him. Charlie says that he never stopped fighting, but that Bison unleashed his Doll Agents on him - young girls who are the most brutal and efficient of Bison's forces. Chun-Li's father was overwhelmed, Charlie says, and the Doll Agent known as Killer Bee delivered the killing blow.

Suddenly another helicopter appears, machine guns blazing, and Charlie is hit. The copter lands and M.Bison steps out, goading Guile and Chun-Li into a fight. The two of them charge, simultaneously unleashing attacks on Bison, but he swats them away like flies. Destroying their jeep, he tells them that now they will witness his PSYCHO POWER.

But before Bison can attack, a SONIC BOOM crashes into him. It's Charlie, who starts exchanging brutal blows with Bison. Bison tauntingly asks Charlie if he really thinks he will survive this, and Charlie replies that he never intended to. He does a SOMERSAULT JUSTICE manuever against the side of the mountain they are fighting on, and the resulting landslide appears to kill them both, as Guile and Chun-Li look on in horror. When the dust clears, Guile finds Charlie's dogtags, lying on the ground.

Meanwhile, Ken and Ryu arrive at the Miyazaki shrine, and Ryu says that he can sense that they are not alone - Gouken's killer is there! Ryu demands that they show themselves, and as the sky darkens Akuma steps forward, red energy crackling around him. "As you wish." He says.


It is one year ago, and Bison tells Killer Bee that she has impressed him with her service, but that he has one final test that she must pass: defeating Vega.

The resulting fight is quick, but brutal. Killer Bee stands victorious, but Vega has left his mark, scarring her face during the battle.

Afterwards, Vega, angry at having been beaten, goes to Killer Bee's module and deletes her memory algorithm program.

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