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 Straw Hat Pirates
Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates are the people Monkey D. Luffy (The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirate crew), considers valuable to his crew and will help him become the ultimate power, "The Pirate King". Luffy's crew consists of a master swordsman named Roronoa "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, a thief named "Cat Burglar" Nami, a marksman named "King of Snipers" Usopp, a chef named "Black Leg" Sanji, a reindeer doctor named Tony Tony "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper, an archeologist named Nico "Demon Child" Robin, a shipwright named "Cyborg" Franky, and a talking skeleton named "Humming" Brook. Every crew mate or "nakama" has a one-of-a-kind talent and each one has extraordinary combat skills. Each one has a dream that keeps them going and one of the reasons they have joined the crew.

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