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Adam Warlock has been captured by the Universal Church of Truth. The vessel is commanded by Captain Autolycus. Warlock is placed with the other prisoners.

The prisoners claim they are referred to as the 'non-productives' because they cannot or will not be used for slave labor. Some others are non-humanoid, which are considered not made in the Magus' image. One is simply a undesirable humanoid, a troll named Pip.

Meanwhile, the Matriarch is informed of Warlock's capture. Her orders are to keep him unharmed but she chooses that he should have an 'accident'. She believes when he is killed the Magus will die as well and leave her the leader of the Church.

Warlock helps the prisoners to escape. The crew is no match for Warlock, so Autolycus joins in the battle. He proves to be quite a match for Warlock and in desperation, Warlock absorbs him into his Soul Gem. He helps the prisoners escape and plans to take on the Magus, although this may mean destroying himself as well.

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