Good 'Storm' centric comics/trades

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I want to read more Storm, so who else to ask than the hardcore Storm stans at CV!? So rec away any story arc, trade, comic that has good Storm characterisation/focus please :D

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how storm got her groove back is a new ongoing by marvel detailing Storm's new life as a single independent woman after she got dumped by her ex husband T Chala.

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@Batnandez: huh

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The entire X-Treme X-Men Vol.1 series will give you a good dose of the almighty Godde--Storm (probably features the character at her highest point). While you're at it, get Life Deaths 1 and 2, both depict her life and emotional/internal struggles straight after she lost her powers, while also featuring an array of supporting X-Men. It's a redemption story in its own right, but the outcome of the saga is beautiful. Also pick up her first ever miniseries, which sheds some light on her poignant leadership of the Morlocks, relationship with Forge/Cable (?) and introduces a new look (a HOT one btw). For more contemporary things, X-Men Worlds Apart written by Chris Yost is a must, consists of Storm giving Cyclops another beat down and let him along with the other X-Men full cognizant of the fact that she can handle being a Queen, an X-Man, and herself, of course, it's a story that spiritually leads into Warren Ellis' run of Astonishing X-Men, which isn't exactly mandatory, but still. Finally, there's Brian Wood's 'MAGNIFICENT WONDERFUL EPIC-SAUCE COMPELLING DRAMA-LAMA EXQUISITE' run of X-Men vol.3 (which you'll find, he's relaunching come April) which initiates the return of the REAL HBIC Storm from issues 30-37 (i say return because ever since 06...things have happened) and that's all you need to know.

^ only scratches the surface, but yeah.

From BWs run 3
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@AgeofHurricane: Thanks soooooo much! Look forward to getting all of those! :D

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@queenfrost_ said:

@AgeofHurricane: Thanks soooooo much! Look forward to getting all of those! :D

Agreed on all the recommendations AoH posted. If you can get your hands on an Essential X-Men book, Fall of the Mutants, Days of Future Past (her debut as leader of the X-Men), and the Nanny story arcs are all good stories where Stomr received a lot of focus. As for her period of being married I would only recommend McDuffie's work with her and Black Panther as part of the FF. Storm was well involved there and it was the best period in her marriage.

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Oh, look. Another sacrifice to be converted for your Goddess, .

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LifeDeath, World's Apart, and X-treme X-men: Storm - The Arena

Are my top 3 recommendations.

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X-men: Worlds Apart, The New Fantastic Four written by Mcduffie and the issue when Storm summoned the power of the galactic core. Well aside from that feat, I really like her drama while she was alone in a spacecraft, thinking what she would do, saying she face 2 paths, etc.

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