Beyonce Knowles looks great as Storm

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Check this out. : )


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Beyonce looks great as everything but I am not too keen on her being Storm. Love her though.

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Beyonce is a pop singer she just looks sexy all the time.

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Here's another one!


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I'd have to disagree....

I am a bit biased because I am not feeling Beyonce anymore like I used to, and anyone with decent photoshop skills can take a beautiful black singer or actress and make her look like Storm, I'm just sayin!

lol not trying to knock your opinion but thats just me, HOWEVER

I have looked at some black celebrities who I think would make a good Storm, but I only thought about this because I myself am an artist and I was looking for a face that I could draw inspiration from in creating my own version of Storm...

here's who I think would make a good Storm (in appearance only)

this is the 'Floacist' from the group Floetry, shes not ac actress but I think shes STUNNING, shes got the ost beautiful black features, her beauty isn't too overstated, when I look at her i immediately think of Storm

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

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Beyonce looks good period.

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