Uncharted Steve Trevor Superpowers

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Steve Trevor throughout his long publication history (since the early 1940s) has mostly been depicted as a super-cool pilot that Wonder Woman fell in love with.  Most of the golden age and even a fair bit of silver age stories revolved around him, but unbeknownst to most he would require super powers to accomplish what he did.  Here is a list: 

1.  Super Strength (conditional) - Steve is usually portrayed as a guy in pretty good shape but this doesn't do him justice.  A lot of time Wonder Woman has to save him from some heavy object, but this guy has also been seen to knock out 10 men with two simultaneous punches.  He also used a judo throw on a gorilla sending him flying ten feet.  

2.  Invulnerability (conditional) - Steve may seem like a male version of a damsel in distress at times with his tendency to get clubbed on the back of the head, or have bullets graze his head so that he gets amnesia.  What people forget though is that this guy has survived about 50 plane crashes in his life (in fact he is doing that the first time we ever see him in a comic.)  Planes make bigger damage than cars, and how many people think they could  survive that many car crashes.  Clearly if this guy is in a plane he is invulnerable.  

3.  Ability to breathe in toxic environments - This one actually applies to a lot of Wonder Woman characters but Steve has the most exposure to them.  He has breathed the atmospheres of Venus, Mars and an asteroid without dying.  That is impressive.  

Thats all I can think about for now, but suffice to say if Steve Trevor was wrestling a gorilla on a plane on Mars he would be nearly unstoppable.   

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lol i like this post.

on a side note i found this alternate WW costume on the web. Dunno if you have seen it before but I no you like the character so thought id put it for you.

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Wait... Steve can breathe on Mars? Yet that Aqua Fish guy almost drowns... under sea? 

lol 10 men with two simultaneous punches... 

Thread is surprisingly cool considering... 
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@azza04: Thats cool, looks like a combination of a few different ones.  

@SC: Yes I know Steve Trevor, one of my most despised characters.  
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@RazzaTazz: Yeah i thought so to, i like the white and gold color scheme. It looks like something an Amazon warrior would wear.
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What color are her eyes? Steve Treavor should have powers.

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He survived Wonder Woman's um...rescuing. Both he and Lois Lane are obviously super powered

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He was able to fight WW.

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