Batgirl 4 A New Equality

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I recently been picking up on the 3rd Batgirl series and I must say I really could see myself putting it on my imaginary pull list this is a really good comic. Stephanie is not like the other Batgirls she is awkward, unsure, and kind of sloppy but she's got spunk and potential and that's just enough to get her by.  Stephanie is still trying to prove herself to the Bat-Family after her brutal beating and apparent death at the hands of the Red skull and her eventual return to gotham. 
And In a way I'm really enjoying the ride but my favorite issues so far are when Stephanie and Damian got into a fight and sent to time out and then decide to do things on their own I have never laughed so hard at an action comic until that moment. Although it was a little weird to have all the sidekicks in her story except for Tim it's like they're alienating him from the family. I can't wait for more of Stephanie or Babs even now that they have their own batcave.
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All the things you point out is why the haters hate her. But I really like Stephanie as Batgirl. Majority doesn't like her though, and with Babs leading the Birds of Prey again (coming soon), Steph may not be around. After all, I haven't seen anything about her being a Bird of Prey.

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I agree with you both, i adore Steph 

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I think Babs will finally let her do her own thing finally realizing that Steph is a big girl now maybe she'll join the big boys this time like her mentor

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