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Unnatural Birth 

Aghnar and Oda were the biological parents of Steelhead, but his birth was far more complicated than that.  Steelhead’s grandmother Honorata had used her psychic powers to put her mind into Oda’s body without Aghnar’s knowledge. When Aghnar found out on the day of Steelhead’s birth, he had a psychic battle with Honorata/Oda and then blasted the head off of his child. Aghnar advised Honorata/Oda to attach the baby to a machine if she desired to save it (he had only wanted to kill its spirit, which he did by blowing off its head) and that he would come back one day and kill the child. Honorata/Oda vowed to make the child the best warrior ever so he would take his father’s place as Metabaron.  What exactly Steelhead did with Honorata/Oda for the next couple decades is unclear, but presumably she trained him in all the physical and mental skills she knew and taught him to overcome all pain and emotion in order to make him the ultimate warrior. What is known is that she created a head of weapons for him and gave him the name Steelhead. 

After many years had passed and Aghnar had become a mercenary working with another galaxy to destroy his home galaxy, Steelhead reappeared. He offered to fight his father and protect the galaxy. To prove that he was a match for his father, his first demonstration of power was to use the fire of his spirit to mentally twist and sculpt a large section of the imperial city into a huge flower. Realizing that Steelhead was their only hope, the human galaxy hired him to fight his father to defend them. 

The two mercenaries began a fight to the death in space that started in a black hole of their creation and ranged through all dimensions. Neither could win until Aghnar used his psychic powers to overwhelm Steelhead. In response, Steelhead began to mutilate Honorata/Oda who he had brought with him until Aghnar surrendered. Unable to live anymore, Agnhar killed himself and Honorata/Oda joined him to be away from the monster she had created.  

Supreme Metabaron 

 Steelhead saved the galaxy but was despised for the methods he had used. He decided he didn’t care though and he knew that when the galaxy needed him, they would call for him whether they respected him or not since he was now the single most powerful being alive. He was right and they needed him not long after that. Apparently his battle with his father had split a crack in the universe and otherworldly vampires had come in and started devouring people. Only Steelhead could seal the breach so the empire begged him to save them. He agreed but on only on the condition that he be made Supreme Metabaron and be given the Medallion of High Nobility. The empire agreed and Steelhead sealed the breach and was given the title of Supreme Metabaron. However, he couldn’t get the Medallion of High Nobility because it requires the agreement of all planetary ambassadors and Don Nicanor Rosamel de Rokha would never agree. To fix this, Steelhead went to Don Nicanor’s planet where he found him meditating in the Halerce, the oldest tree in the galaxy, surrounded millions of dulcet-voiced Dyukka birds. Without hesistation, Steelhead killed Don Nicanor, destroying the tree and all the birds at the same time.  He then went to receive his medallion. 

As Steelhead was about to finally get his medallion, Dona Vicenta, daughter of Don Nicanor, appeared in the royal chambers and accused Steelhead of killing her father. To prevent him from being decorated, she voted against him and attempted to kill herself. Steelhead stopped her, but her words cut him to the core, especially her prediction that he would be the end of the Metabaronic line since without a brain, he couldn’t know true love and he’d never have a child of passion like the previous Metabarons had been. Steelhead ordered Dona Vicente to be kept alive on her planet so that he could discover what true love was and one day return and prove her wrong. 


After failing to understand love through ancient texts, Steelhead set out to find someone to teach him and finds Zaran, the last living poet who was said to have died 5000 years ago. Steelhead went through many trials to reach him, but eventually made his way to Zaran, who he discovered had become a living head attached to machines. Since Zaran said that emotions can’t be taught, only felt, he and Steelhead decided to merge their organic parts and become a new being. The operation was a success and the poet-warrior Melmoth was born. 
Of course, Melmoth discovered that he was in love with Dona Vicenta and had to find a way to win her back. He found a way to replace her tree and birds and when they finally spoke to each other, his words seduced her. However, as soon as she found out that the man she fell in love with was the same man she hated, she attempted to take her life yet again with Melmoth’s own revolver. To save his love, Melmoth used his psychic powers to stop time and deflect the bullet so it only knocked her out.    
While she was unconscious, Melmoth cloned her father in order to obtain forgiveness from Dona Vicenta.  The cloned Don Nincanor was physically perfect, but somehow lost part of his memory. When he was reunited with his daughter his mistook her daughterly love for him as lust and he responded in kind, wanting her for himself. Don Nicanor attempted to rape his daughter but Melmoth stopped him. Don Nicanor rallied his people to attack Melmoth and to prevent Melmoth from killing her father and her people, Dona Vicenta asked her father what he loved most about her. When he said it was her eyes, she ripped them out and gave them to him and only then did he realize that it was his daughter he had been after. Tormented by his own actions, he consented to her marriage to Melmoth and his decoration with the Medallion of High Nobility.

The Return of Steelhead

Melmoth married Dona Vicenta but after their wedding night, she revealed to him her cybernetic eyes and the ugliness of them split Melmoth, with the poet side of him no longer desiring her. At the same time, the planet they were on fell under attack and Steelhead desired to go to battle. With his poet head resisting the fight and his love, Steelhead found no more use for it and blew it off and regained control of his being. Steelhead’s reemergence saved the planet, but also showed Dona Vicenta how ruthless he was and made her begin to hate him.

Later, Dona Vicenta revealed that she was pregnant but also diseased. She had conceived twins, but her health prevented her from delivering both. The twins were a boy and a girl but a Metabaron could only be male so Steelhead would have to save that one if he wanted to pass on his title. However, Dona Vicenta said she would only live to raise her daughter. Steelhead secretly had the brain of the boy put into the body of the girl so he could save his clan and his wife, but Dona Vicenta’s health only got worse. To save her, Steelhead used technology to preserve her in a state of near-death.

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