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Now I'm sure most of you know Black Lightning but I'm sure there was a time we were all kids or watched with kids, Kids WB and watched things such as X-Men Evolution, The Batman, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon but there was one show that stood out to be and got me into comics and that was Static Shock, Static is a teen African-American that even though he fights villains still goes through real life problems. I think DC need to bring him back as a character because he's so charismatic and his origins would lead to deep and intriguing stories. I think they should make a live-action movie for him, make it PG-13 because I expect it to be deep since Static is in a crime city: Here who should play him: 

That's Right, I feel Wale could play Static perfectly  
That's Right, I feel Wale could play Static perfectly  
 See the Resemblance     
 See the Resemblance     
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he looks a little too old to be a teenager

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Wale as

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Maybe if Static was 25. Wale is too old to play the teen.

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He could pull off the role if he shaved the goatee.

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