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From Dusk to Dawn

 This marks as Dusk's last appearance in the comics, along with Virgil's friend Larry Wade. A week after Larry's funeral, Virgil pays his respects to him and was about to quit his heroics after Dusk was wounded...until she walks up behind him saying that he can't quit being Static.
Three things still puzzles me from this issue:
 1) In her last appearance she says that she knows his secret-identity, but that was never revealed when she knew. Could she know him at Ernest Hemingway High School?
 2) She says that she's leaving Dakota because she was wanted for murder. Did she kill Larry's killers/boss? Did she kill someone before she met Virgil/Static?
 3) In Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool#1, it was revealed that she died in action when a build was on fire. That issue was published after THIS one so how could that possible happen when she left town?
 I really wish that DC/Milestone created a miniseries spin-off for her, because we need to know her real name, her origin story, and what happened to her after her last appearance.

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