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Static and Dusk: Were They Meant to be?

 This has got to be my all-time favorite issue of Static because it shows the full appearance of Dusk, the mysterious new vigilante hitting the streets of Dakota since issues 19 and 21. So far shes able to handle herself in a fight, and her trash talk towards crooks at the docks was absolutely hilarious. When Static comes in and joins the action its like a match made in heaven. Towards the last few panels...she kisses him (finally Static gets something in his work as a superhero). I still wonder if Milestone did the right thing to break up this 'dynamic duo' in issue 30, let alone Dusk's death in Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool #1. I wish there was more to know about Dusk, but I guess Ivan Velez Jr did not have enough time to give us those details. Long live DUSK.

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