The "new" original Starro?

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R.E.B.E.L.S. #6
 So, I haven't read R.E.B.E.L.S. so I don't know all that's going on, but when did Starro become a bipedal alien warlord who uses alien starfish instead of the other way around?  We need an update on Starro's page because I'm lost.  All I know is from the preview in the back of Green Lantern Corps #40. So what's going on here?
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I actually like this Starro much better, than a big fat star fish roaming around as an evil conquerer, but I understand your confusions, as I was thinking the same thing, Huh???
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I actually liked the way it used to be.Now we just have another humanoid villain who's super strong and powerful.I do like that he has his own army that he has already conquered but I just wish he would have stayed a huge alien starfish instead of a plain ol'  "bipedal alien warlord".

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@Archetype: My feelings exactly. Though the entry states Starro is actually the starfish on his chest which has taken over the bipedal's body like a parasite, I still like the Giant Starfish Starro.
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@ASKwhy:   I honestly prefer Starro this way, the thought of a giant parasitic starfish floating through space taking over people's minds isn't as original or as menacing as the thought of a man who actually CONQUERED the parasites, turning their own strength against them, and using it to acquire the combined might of nine galaxies within himself.  Simply put, Starro the Conqueror is just EPIC, and I like how he's driven not by evil or good but rather immorality, the desire to conquer the entire universe & see if anyone can stand up to him and prove his viewpoints wrong.
I like the idea behind there being a deeper meaning behind all the previous Starro invasions than simply earth being unlucky enough to attract one big parasite after another, someone SENT them to earth to test their strength & see if they were worthy of facing him & joining his already vast empire.  Plus, with Darkseid dead DC needs a new major big bad, can't just keep reusing the old ones. I kinda want to see Starro eventually face the justice league

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