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Brief History

While in the 616 reality Starr adventure seem to be link directly with it's writer. As he has been summon outside the comic-book and fought and struggle with his writer when he wanted the comic to come to and end by having Starr die. Outside the realm of surrealism Starr is a fearsome warrior who depending on his mood will act as a glorious hero or a pillaging barbarian. During his many fight with enchanted monster Starr seem to denied the editors note that he is suffering or been defeated leading to an anti-climatic moment in which Starr prevails even when in he is about to be killed. Starr has also battle many of his editors and inkers in the form of ferocious beast or powerful enchanters within his world, all who wish to end his otherwise lame battle hysteria and ongoing story. 
While in other dimension Starr seem to be more "classic" as in the New Universal he was once the king of the land during a Heborian like era even had his own wizard opponent and overly large friend to protect him. However not even his classic version of Starr was too normal as he was a barbarian king with an alien power item in his forehead giving him incredible power but unknown to him the creation of all his problems. As the energy that come from within the item slowly mutated beast around the kingdom creating creatures for him to fight.

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