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Introduction by Mike Allred.

Starman: Sins of the Father collects the first story arc, Starman 0 - 4; as well as the first, "Talking With David, '95", from Starman #5.

Ted Knight has retired as Starman. William Payton is not Starman. David Knight has taken the role of Opal City's protector. His time as Starman is cut short. The Mist has returned to Opal for revenge. He has brought his son Kyle and daughter Nash to help his plot of erasing the Knight family and name. Jack Knight doesn't want to be a hero like his father and brother were. Instead, he becomes a different kind of hero, and a different kind of Starman.

This first trade paperback collection features an introduction by artist Mike Allred, with early pencil sketches of The Shade, Jack Knight, Nash, Kyle and Ted Knight.

Starman: Sins of the Father collects the first six issues of Starman, 0 - 5. "Talking With David, '95" is the epilogue to the first story arc.

The trade paperback collection features a cover gallery.

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