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In The Beginning

The Story

We All know of those super hero stories where a character has to become a hero but does have the "Stuff Heroes Are Made Of''. James Robinson adds a new and wondeful twist on that in Jack Knight's Legend. After His Brother Is Killed Jack Knight , One Of The Sons Of the Golden Age Starman Ted Knight must take up the mantle and defend Opal City. At First when i heard the premise i wasnt that impressed but when i read the First Trade Sins Of  The Father I realized why the book had so much praise. In This First volume you will discover The Best Anti- Hero Ever To Grace Comics The Shade, A Blue Alien Named Mikkal Who was once Starman, The First' Talking With David Issue', The Mist's Own Legacy To Match Ted's own  and The Start Of Jack Knight's Odyssey into Super Heroism.

The Art

Tony Harris Art Is Wonderful and you can see how he quickly evolved into The Awesome Artist he is today.

Favorite Quotes

Jack-I May Not Have Liked My Brother But I Loved HIm!

David- Same Time Next Year


A Great Collection That Contains Issues 0-16, Hardcover and Retail 49.99 but i suggest to get it on amazon its only 20 bucks and maybe less from some sellers. Robinson's Magnus Opus Should not be Missed!

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