Why Dick Grayson and Starfire look better together.

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Needless to say, I've always loved the Starfire and Dick tandem since I was a child, and even if there's a lot of heat going on about Babs being his potential someone, I would really beg to differ. Some would say that this topic should be a closed deal. Why? Lets check the facts:  

  1. Dick has mentioned to have his longest running relationship with Starfire, wherein it came to a point where both of them lived together (exclusively)
  2. In Kingdom Come, they have a daughter, Nightstar (who I think will be just as popular as her mother since she's the girl of Damian Wayne)
  3. Starfire was his first "official" girlfriend. Dick may have lost his v-card to Liu, and had a big crush on Babs, but both never sealed the deal.
So, heres the point I want to drive at: DICK IS AT HIS BEST WITH KORY. Why? Because her has an aura about him that any woman would be possessive and scared about to lose to.  He's Bruce Wayne tweaked and sexed up tenfold and no one else can match that up than the golden Tamaran. The dynamics of this couple is off the charts! I love Babs as much as any Batgirl fan, but Dick needs someone more dynamic, someone who can keep his hands full, someone like Kory...  
Which leads me to the fact that I'm actually getting anxious with the relaunching of DC this coming September for fear that they may abolish the Starfire-Nightwing continuity. Last June 6, DC announced that Starfire will be part of an anti-hero team (a term which I don't really understand), with Jason Todd and Roy Harper. I don't know if theres going to be any romance, but knowing Starfire, there definitely might be. I'm quite anxious and excited with what they have in store for Kory's interesting love life. Although, I'm still pushing for Dick, Jason could strike as a close second if they ever consider it. 
What do you guys think?
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I... will agree. and not to worry you but in the new reboot Babs is Batgirl again so things don't look too good.
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I don't agree at all.

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I'd prefer it if they give him a new love interest honestly. None of his old flames seemed a great fit.

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@The Dark Huntress:  What you said.
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.... where did everyone come from so suddenly?
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I think Jason/Starfire would be amazing. They're both so very damaged.

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I totally agree with you, I think Dick and Kori were doing a good couple , but I honestly am not a fan of Barbara. With the reboot is going to do well I can not wait to see how it will unfold team the Outlaws.

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Dick and Barbara always

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I hated that he broke up with Starfire. It was a horrible break up. It didnt even seem like a break up. And then a couple months later she sleeps with Captain Comet.  
Shes only allowed to be a slut with Dick.  
Barbara and Dick never worked for me. Barbara just doesnt fit with Dick. I liked her better with Ted.
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Jason huh? Why?

#11 Posted by Mutant God (3658 posts) - - Show Bio

whos Ted
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@Mutant God said:
whos Ted
Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle
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@TheCrowbar said:
I think Jason/Starfire would be amazing. They're both so very damaged.
@cattlebattle said:
Dick and Barbara always
This :)
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@doordoor123 said:
Barbara and Dick never worked for me. Barbara just doesnt fit with Dick. I liked her better with Ted.
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Well Red Hood is awesome and thank goodness that they unlabotomized Starfire there so she's slowly but surely becoming a character with substance. I'm happy about the last Red Hood issue because it established Starfire's relationship with Dick AND the surprising fact that as much as Jason insinuated it with Roy, he really didn't sleep with Starfire. In fact, Jason showed a lot of respect for Starfire and didn't see her as a bimbo (although admittedly he knew how hot Starfire was). So I can't wait to see how Dick and Starfire will cross paths. We'll see what happens next :)

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I'm not sure if that argument that Dick and Kori will have a daugther and bla, bla, bla can actually be used due to the fact that it happened in an ALTERNATIVE FUTURE, which seems to have been delated in the New 52. About that kid being Damian's girl, I can only have one comment: it'd be as unsightly and random as the relationship Kori had with Dick.

Thing is: they simply don't work out. Before the New 52, even when they were going to get married it didn't work. Not because the priest was killed (as many fans try to argue), but because Dick was having sex with another woman in his wedding eve! Than, when she asked him if he really loved her, he answered "no". Everytime Dick is with Barbara (for example) something happens, you see him showing feelings for her. Not the same with Starfire. In fact, it's just the opposite. Everytime they see each other something happens that says they really shouldn't be together.

I think the writters were trying new pairings when they came out with their romance. It didn't really pleased. They don't seem interested in approaching them again, as a couple. Come on, why would they relauch the stories to write about one that's failed so many times! It doesn't make sense!

As I'm not crazy for Starfire character (not deep enough for me), I don't really especulate with whom she's gonna be in the end. Her relationship with Jason is nice, but I'm not sure if it'll go much further. But I'm sure of one thing: she doesn't belong with Dick Grayson. Accept that, pleaase ¬¬

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