Where can I find....

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....the pictures of Kori kissing Dick in his Batman costume?? 
Or any other scans of the two together?

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Did she kiss him since he became batman? I know she left him a note and i would like to know what that note said
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@DEGRAAF: I remember seeing a picture of an official black and white inked page which was used on a news item one day :/ just don't know where it is
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well i would assume it was from the comic on the url i put in my last post bc that was the last issue Starfire was in for the JLA
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@DEGRAAF: "All Along the Watchtower?" That's terrible. They need a professional punner.
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He means that their Jimi Hendrix pun wasn't that well-executed.
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After that she stopped recounting the dream in question.

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@lifeofvibe: I am so sorry that I did not reply back to you in a long time. I didn't even know you replied back. So the whole story about Starfire kissing Batman who turns out to be Dick Grayson is from the 2009 comic called The Titans issue 16. It talks about Statfire had a dream where she was in Gotham making out with Batman who then turns out to be Dick Grayson (During this time Dick Grayson became Batman because Bruce Wayne died in Final Crisis). As Dick was about to put a helmet on her, but that's how it ends. Starfire is seen talking to a therapist named Claire Foster about what the dream is suppose to mean. She doesn't know and that's why she's asking her (Claire). So then Claire asks what was the significance of the helmet was to her. Then we jump to Bludhaven (Two weeks post-crisis) where Starfire is caring Cyborg to a warehouse, with Mr. Terrific, full of Darkseid's Justifier Helmets. They need to destroy the helmets because they are "encoded with the anti-life equation". Kory is fully aware of what the helmets are since she was a slave to them. Claire notes that Cyborg is worried about her and she wonders why. Starfire mentions that he's going through a hard time and that she's spending more time with him (Not in a romantic way but more like they're both lonely). Claire asks why to this, and Starfire says it's because he is my friend and she wants to help. The next two pages show her trying to spend some time with all of the remaining Titans, but they want nothing to do with her. Claire notes that Starfire isn't happy (Gee I wonder why) and asks if something happened. Turns out when the gang was out fighting Starfire noticed the people they were fighting had the same Darkseid helmets that she wore. She flips out about it and blasts the person while still enraged. Her teammates calm her down, but as you can see she is unstable. Starfire destroys Claire's zen garden and storms out, and then quickly comes back in to apologize about her outburst. It turns out it was Donna Troy who told her to talk to a therapist and not her (Because what are friends for) about how Dick Grayson said that he doesn't love her anymore. So then she talks about her past with Dick and how they're soulmates and that she was ok about them staying friends. But in one of the earlier issues, when the gang came back together to figure out why they were randomly being attacked it was because Trigon is back...but it turns out it's Raven's younger brothers who are causing havoc. When Dick and Kory were split up together they were controlled by Lust (One of Raven's brothers) and had sex on the job. This was also a time where Starfire and Nightwing's relationship was still friend zone. If I'm not mistaken they haven't been a couple since The New Titans in the 90's. Anyway so Claire tells her that the love of her life has moved on, Donna is joining the Justice League, and everybody is living their own lives. So then she asks what is she (Starfire) "fighting for?". And then Starfire breaks down and cries. Turns out Vixen asks for Starfire to join the Justice League, but Starfire refuses saying she doesn't want to be a part of a team. In the last page Starfire is in space near the Watchtower having Claire's words repeat in her head "Why are you here?" and that is the end of the issue. After Titans was over Starfire does join the Justice League, but only for one issue. She leaves because she cannot work with Dick being there so she leaves a note to him and leaves. We never get to know what's on the note because the series got cancelled by the New 52. We learned that Starfire joins the R.E.B.E.L.S. (I don't know why I never got a chance to read the part when she joins) and discovers that there's a new Tamaran and her and Blackfire make up (Sorta)... The issue is not bad, but not that good. I don't know why her friends are alienating her so much. Normally they would help each other out because you know they're a team, but decide to ignore her. I mean even Raven should have sympathy toward her and encourage her since they're so close but all she says is that she's busy by meditating. I never really liked this series of Titans because each issue is written by a different writer and never the same. And they don't really do anything as a team except for in the first six or eight chapters and the Blackest Night run. The other issues are about each team member and some problem they have, but it's only in that issue. The stories are depressing and kind of a downer that I find no joy in reading. It's not really something to pick up because nothing really happens (Except for in Blackest Night). I wish the whole New 52 "reboot" didn't happen because I would have loved a continuation on the whole story as to where Starfire and Nightwing would have gone (And what was on that letter!), but it doesn't matter. I wished that before the whole mess of New 52 got started that Starfire and Nightwing would rekindle their love for each other in what was about to happen half way through the Titans from the 90's before Geoff John's Teen Titans. I hope that answers your question (Again I'm sorry about the wait that was my fault) and if you have any other questions reply back. :)

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