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I actually wish DC would make Starfire and Barbara Gordon (both characters I love) friends if they ever cross paths in the New52. I love that they're friends in Tiny Titans, and I think playing them against each other because they were both with Nightwing is really tired and lame. I really don't like that because of their separate relationships with Dick Grayson they're respective fans seem to hate the other character. For instance, I've seen multiple Dick/Babs shippers call Starfire a whore simply because she encroaches on the stability of their OTP. I'm all for having a favorite pairing, but that's ridiculous. Plus, it is possible for a woman to be friends with her boyfriend's ex, I've seen it happen, it isn't all that crazy. I think it would be even easier now because Starfire is in a relationship with Red Arrow, so there's no reason for her to be all over Nightwing (which is also used way too much). Plus, think about how cool it would be to see Babs and Kory kick butt around Gotham.

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That is something really unlikely to happen... but it certainly would be cool.

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Nightwing had nothing to do with them not being friends, there you had Babs and Huntress.

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@Vitacura: With Huntress, I feel like Simone did a great job of displaying how awkward they were (mostly from Babs) with each other in the beginning of their working relationship/friendship because of it, and how their friendship progressed away from that as such a problem when they got to know each other. However, with Kory and Barbara there has never been any interaction between the two despite how important they both were to Nightwing, and despite the fact that there were many (albeit horribly awkward or just horrible in general) misunderstandings that I feel they should have addressed with one another.

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Hum...not sure if they would be friends...they're so different and I don't think Babs would have patience to Kory's...slowness in some aspects. Or that Kory would be around someone more reserved.

Plus, Starfire isn't going back to Gotham anytime soon so... I don't know how they'd meet.

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@X9: The fact that they're so different would actually make their interaction really interesting to me. From what I've read in recent comics (from TT Vol. 3 onward), Kory isn't as stupid as she was in the cartoon, she was just different because deceit wasn't a normal thing for her, she was always very up front about her feelings and ideas. She may not be a computer whiz like Barbara, but even in the RHatO Kory is shown to be smart about battle tactics and whatnot. In my head their interaction comes across like an extreme version of Babs and Huntress' interaction within the pages of BoP pre-New52. Kory is this warrior who has no qualms about killing and is very open and sure of herself, whereas Barbara is much more timid and introverted in comparison and was instilled with the typical Bat-family sense of morality. I would love to see Babs teach her more restraint and subtlety, and I'd like to see Kory influence Babs to be more sure of herself.

I haven't thought about all the details of how they would meet, but with Starfire hanging out with Jason and Roy I feel like they could go back to Gotham eventually.

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: Well, I think they're both confident in their own way, but that's not the point hehe.

You know, they probably wouldn't get along at first, but after a heart to heart conversation or some new interaction, they could end up respecting each other and... who knows?

But I still don't see the need of it. At least not now. Plus, if Jason comes back to Gotham, Starfire probably isn't going with him. I guess Batgirl would be the one who would need to/end up work(ing) with the Outlaws. But, still, why would she ask for their help if she has the Bat Family?

Too many details that lead to a probable "not happening". However, nothing against your wishes.

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@X9: Oh, I'm not saying DC needs to make them friends for a certain reason. I just think it would be cool since I like both characters.

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@CaioTrubat said:

That is something really unlikely to happen... but it certainly would be cool.

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