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Since the last movie and the series didn't do very well, our most beloved franchise ended. Not until J.J. Abrams came to the picture. He started his own vision of Star Trek that made us boldly go where no one has gone before. I have to say this movie deserved it and thanks to the Lost lead, we're back to our favourite space adventure. However, there are some fans who may be disappointed with Abrams' direction of the movie because it didn't go exactly what they have expected. After all, this is a reboot. 
Before I give credit to this out of this world movie, I'll start with a small synopsis. The future Romulans have travelled back in time to destroy Vulcan and alter history. Due to this effect, the Federation or the Starfleet cadets have to stop Nero who bent on revenge on destroying the Vulcans. The young actors brought their legendary roles from the classic series to life. It's great to see them acting in their old roles even though they are younger versions of our beloved characters. Chris Pine acted as the cocky Kirk that we know of and proved his leadership to the team even though he cheated the battle test. Remember the William Shatner's Kirk said that he cheated on that test. Yeah, that was a memorable experience to see that. What can I say about Karl Urban? He played 100% as Dr. McCoy. The way he speaks and tells that I'm a doctor not a..... It was awesome to see his old character again. On the other hand, Zachary Quinto played the young Spock differently this time from the previous Spock we were fascinated about. After the destruction of Vulcan and his human mother's death, Spock had difficulty to accept his emotions even though he couldn't show them. But we can see that Uhura had feelings for Spock. Yet they did show some affections toward each other. I wonder how their relationship will last till we will find out in the sequel. I love the way John Cho's Sulu handled his katana and fought with the future Romulans. Those were the best moves that John Cho performed. George Takei would have been happy to see how his character played out. Simon Pegg who acted as Scotty joined the cadets but didn't join the Starfleet Academy? I guess you would say Scotty had never signed up for the academy and yet he still does have engineering skills. Anton Yelchin played as the ship's navigator and I have to say Anton used his Russian accent very well. As for Leonard Nimoy who played the older Spock, we were glad to see him back. But this time, he helps the younger Kirk to defeat Nero before he causes any more trouble in the past. Eric Bana plays Nero as the main villian and yet you couldn't even recognize him under that make-up. Eric did his role justice till the end.
Overall, this movie blew me away through space. J.J. Abrams did a good job on rebooting this new Star Trek adventure. The fans will be disappointed with this movie since the timeline events have changed. As a Star Trek fan, I had no problems with the changes that occurred in the past. For the newcomers, this movie is a must see and a new beginning of the Star Trek universe. The USS Enterprise destroys 5 Romulan ships out of 5.       

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