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"Suicide Tower"

Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost-Breaker, and his wife, Marie, have come to Mexico, to investigate the so-called "Suicide Tower". According to legend, any person that climbs to the top of the tower, will, soon after, leap to their deaths. Thirteen meets Joe Martinez, a newspaper reporter, and his cameraman, Jaun. Martinez ascends the tower, with intentions of spending the night, at the top. Smiling, Martinez looks down upon Thirteen, Marie, and Juan. Martinez's smile fades, replaced by an expression of terror. Then, Martinez leaps to his death. Thirteen researches the history of the tower. Forcibly built, in 1522, at the behest of conquistadores, the tower was cursed by Oaxa, a tribesman, in retaliation for the conquistadores enslaving his tribe.

The first man to ever climb the tower, the conquistador general, was also the first man to leap to his death. from the tower's summit. Marie informs Thirteen that an Oklahoman oil field worker, Pete Clay, has climbed to the summit of the tower. Carol Deeds, a famous actress, offers to ascend the tower, to bring Clay down. Deeds races for the tower entrance, with Thirteen hot on her heels. Suddenly, Clay's body hits the ground. In hysterics, Deeds reveals that she paid Clay to climb the tower, for a publicity stunt. To discover the truth behind the tower's curse, Thirteen opts to ascend the tower. As he climbs higher, Thirteen discovers a ritual for human sacrifice painted on the walls. Upon reaching the tower's summit, Thirteen feels a strange elation washing over him.

He sees Marie racing for the tower's entrance, but finds himself unable to call out to her. Thirteen manages to ignite his lighter, setting his hand on fire. The searing pain jars Thirteen out of his entrancement, just as the ledge he's standing on begins to tilt forward. Thirteen has discovered that the view from the tower has an almost hypnotic effect on all who see it. While, thus entranced, the ledge slowly tilts down, causing anyone standing there, transfixed, to fall to their death. Thirteen has the landscape altered, around the tower, to neutralize the hypnotic effects of the view.

2. Operation Escape (Robin : reprinted in: Batman #199 , Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told (1988), Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told (1989), Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told (Warner Books)

3. The Writers Who Went to Sea (Captain Compass)

4. A Trap for Tomahawk (Tomahawk)







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