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Brief History

The fictional counterpart of Stan Lee who himself lives in the Marvel Universe. This Stan first appeared in All-Winners Comic #2 where he convinces The All-Winners Squad to let The Destroyer and The Whizzer join the team. After that, Stan made many appearances in the early Fantastic Four comics and other Marvel Comics. Like in the real world, he is the editor/writer of the Marvel Comics Studio's together with his Bullpen friends. Once, the Impossible Man demanded his own comic miniseries, and Stan Lee supposedly agrees. However, this turned out to be a fib.
Stan Lee was once abducted by the aliens known as the Other. He was very calm and collected aboard the ship where he met Henrietta Rose. They had experimented on him, but he could not say what they did. He was returned to Earth and somehow remembered the story so he could tell it to us comic readers.
More recently Stan had team-ups with his most famous creations such as Spider-man, the Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom.

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