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Dr. Swensen is a brilliant man who has just created the most sophisticated weapon in the history of mankind - the M.A.X. (Man Amplified X-periment), the Spitfire battle armor. It's an achievement that will cost him his life. Now it falls to his daughter, Jenny, and her eclectic group of friends known as the Troubleshooters to see that Swensen's life's work doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Note: Spitfire and the Troubleshooter's story continues in Star Brand #2.


After Doctor Karl Swensen is slain by a man wearing the Mark 1 version of his Man Amplified Experimental suit, Professor Jenny Swensen is informed that she has twenty four hours to clear her family home of any personal effects; her father's home was actually built on the grounds of Krotze International, a research firm owned by Fritz Krotze.

Though the official police report states that Doctor Swensen was killed in a freak electrical accident, Jenny becomes suspicious of foul play after she uncovers a cryptic message from her dead father in Krotze's computer banks. Before she can read it, however, she is ushered out by security agents working for her father's former boss, her twenty four hours having expired.

After talking to several folks for advice, including her tai-chi sensei and the Troubleshooters (Giotti, Ferris, Eric, Andy, and Terry), five genius students attending M.I.T. (where she teaches), Jenny decided to break into the Krotze facility to get that message. Of course, the Troubleshooters decided to help her out, without telling her, by distracting the guards long enough for her to get inside undetected.

Inside, she discovered them and the Mark 2 M.A.X. suit, which her father had hidden from his employer. He had done so because he'd begun to doubt Krotze's ultimate motives for his radical heuristics technology, and this ultimately cost him his life. The note he'd left for Jenny assured her of that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Armed with this knowledge, if not with proof of what she knew, Jenny decided to steal the Mark 2 suit and the mobile laboratory it was built with. This laboratory consisted of three mack trucks, the trailers of which housed the work space needed to maintain the M.A.X. suit. Of course, Krotze wasn't about to stand for this.

Hiding out in the woods about an hour outside of Boston, Jenny began using the M.A.X. suit to dig a hole in a nearby mountain (to hide the three trucks in), when she and the Troubleshooters were tracked down and attacked by a man piloting the Mark 1 M.A.X. prototype. She trounced the man in the M.A.X. suit, and then warned Krotze off (he was watching nearby).

After this, Jenny then took off with the Troubleshooters for a new hiding place, where they wound up rescuing a girl from a deep well.

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