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Private Investigator, Jessica Drew, and her boyfriend, David Ishima, are picnicking on the beach. While out for a swim, Drew, and Ishima, are attacked by Yakuza assassins. Drew takes down the Yakuza assassins. A last assassin, on the shore, strafes Drew, and Ishima, with machine gun fire. Drew dives, with Ishima, to avoid being hit. The assassin is gunned down by police lieutenant, Sabrina Morrell. Upon reaching the shore, Drew collapses from blood loss. It seems she did not completely elude the gunfire. Drew regains consciousness, on Alcatraz Island, in the secret base of the Dragon Clan of the Yakuza.

Morrell introduces Drew to Ieyasu Imura, the Lord of the Dragon Clan. Imura tells Drew that the Dragon Clan battles against the criminal factions of the Yakuza. Imura reveals that both he, and Morrell, know Drew is the Spider-Woman. Imura wants Drew to join the Dragon Clan. Drew declines, voicing objections to the Dragon Clan's methods. Imura tells Drew that the Deterrence Research Corporation is planning to assassinate General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, and Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. The deaths of the two most prominent organized crime bosses will touch off a gang war that will span the continent. Deterrence Research Corporation plans to sell weapons to both sides of the conflict.

Drew, as the Spider-Woman, races to protect Coy and Fisk. Coy and Fisk meet to discuss business. Coy requests that Fisk retrieve his niece, Xi'an Coy Mahn, from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Fisk agrees. The Spider-Woman bursts into the room, just before a missile hits. The Spider-Woman rushes Coy, and Fisk. to cover. Then all Hell breaks loose, as a trio of Mandroids assault the premises. The Spider-Woman fights harder than she ever has before, going all out to subdue the Mandroids, each of which easily outmatches her. Fisk, along with several of Coy's men, escape in an elevator. The final standing Mandroid severs the elevator cable.

The Spider-Woman takes down the Mandroid, then stops the elevator from plummeting to the bottom of the elevator shaft. The effort, coupled with her bullet wound re-opening during the combat, has left her severely weakened, and exhausted. The Spider-Woman checks on the elevator's occupants. One of Coy's men tries to murder her, but is stopped, and violently subdued, by Fisk. Morrell, and a police task force, round up the Mandroids, and some of Coy's men. The Spider-Woman speaks privately with Fisk. After subduing Fisk's driver, the Spider-Woman respectfully requests that Fisk leave Mahn alone. As the Spider-Woman saved his life, Fisk is willingly to comply, to repay the debt. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, meets one last time with Imura.

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