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The Spider-Woman follows police lieutenant, Sabrina Morrell. At the end of Morrel's day, the Spider-Woman confronts her, in Morrell's apartment. The Spider-Woman rips Morrell's shirt, to reveal the large dragon tattoo on her back. The Spider-Woman accuses Morrell of being a member of the Yakuza. Morrell swears the Spider-Woman is wrong. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, checks on her friend, Lindsay McCabe, hospitalized after an encounter with the Viper.

Drew uses all of her skills as a private investigator to discern the Viper's location. Drew borrows a motorcycle from her boyfriend, David Ishima. Drew intends to exact a measure of vengeance from the Viper, for harming McCabe. Ishima, fearing for Drew's life, begs her not to pursue the Viper. Drew ignores Ishima. Drew journeys to the Viper's secret compound. Drew dons her Spider-Woman costume. Suddenly, the ethereal form of Morgan Le Fay appears.

Morgan Le Fay issues a warning to the Spider-Woman, referencing the Spider-Woman's mysterious origins. The Spider-Woman stealthily enters the complound. Despite her best efforts, the Spider-Woman is discovered. The Viper leads an elite cadre of mercenaries, all bent on killing the Spider-Woman. The close quarters, along with their vast numbers, gives the advantage to the Spider-Woman. The Viper flees. After defeating all the mercenaries, the Spider-Woman goes after the Viper.

The Viper keeps the Spider-Woman at bay, with a pair of energy blasters. The Spider-Woman heads out to sea to distance herself from the Viper, only to be fired upon, by a yacht ferrying the Silver Samurai to the Viper's compound. Caught in a crossfire, the Spider-Woman glides low, to lose herself among the rocks. The Viper fires on a large rock formation, burying the Spider-Woman. The Spider-Woman bolts up, out of the sea, and catches the Viper by surprise.

A vicious fight between the two adversaries ensues, beneath the waves. Ultimately, the Spider-Woman triumphs, though she finds she is unable to kill the Viper. The Spider-Woman demands to know why the Viper carries such hostility towards her. The Viper locks eyes with the Spider-Woman. Suddenly, the Spider-Woman finds herself falling down into an abyss. Breaking her fall, the Spider-Woman finds herself under attack from the demon, Chthon. The Spider-Woman scurries up a rock wall to escape.

As she feverishly climbs ever higher, Chthon begins transforming her into a demon. The Spider-Woman manages to reach the top, fighting her own body the whole way. The Viper, though, is waiting for her. Moved by the Spider-Woman's defiance, the Viper fires on Chthon, disrupting the delicate matrix that allows the demon to exist on the mortal plane. The Spider-Woman learns that the Viper is her mother, and that they have both been used as pawns by Chthon. The Viper had hoped to spare the Spider-Woman from the horror of Chthon's will. The Spider-Woman and the Viper come to an understanding, before the Viper teleports away.

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