Who is the worst spider-man villain?

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Personally after reading Avenging Spider-man 12 Hypno-Hustler is in the top five (Big Wheel, the Spot, Rhino, Pre-venom Scorpion (before enhances)). I just want to know who are the top five lamest spider-man villains. please no whining about other people's pick this is purely personal opinions. (Maybe after some of the Marvel writers read this they can revamp these characters into bad asses)

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I've never been a fan of Scorpion. They had a shot to make him better as Venom, but that was a joke.

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Swarm, He's a Nazi made of bees
Swarm, He's a Nazi made of bees
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Lamest Spider-Man villain? Hm... I'm thinking his own luck. Only one of his villains to actually succeed in messing his life up regularly.

You don't count, go away.

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Either Vulture or Willow the Wisp

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That Venom dude gets on my nerves.

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Chtylok, the Che-k'n Kau

He is a giant mixture of cow and chicken. I swear to God. In leather pants

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Most of them?

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walrus man

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Eh, difficult. I think a lot of his villains work personally but if I had to pick the lamest? It's Hydro Man for me.

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@Space_Captain_Ulyverse: Agreed. Hydro Man was damn lame.

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@TheCannon said:

Either Vulture or Willow the Wisp

Willow the Wisp is awesome. Hoe come no one said tinkerer.

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the spot

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Hydro Man. Dude is a loser.

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Doesn't anybody remember the kangaroo ? IMO he is the lamest villian

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Freak was one of the many reasons why not another day sucked.

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John Jonah Jameson

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I've always hated Doc Ock.
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Most of them are terrible, but as far as the mainstream ones go, Vulture and HydroMan probably take the cake.

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Hypno-Hustler, Gibbon, or Spider-kid when he was dressed like Doc Ock.

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HydroMan is one of the worst for sure.

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