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I really have a question? why does Spider-Man need web shooters i mean if he can climb and do high jumps why does he need web shooters? also

How strong is Spider-man

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It makes getting around easier and the webs work as a long-range means of attack and defense. He's also used them to save people (and snap his girlfriend's neck...)

I forget. Probably around the 10-25 ton range.

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#3 Posted by Glitch_Spawn (17179 posts) - - Show Bio

Do you mean why does he have web shooters instead of natural webs?

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#4 Posted by Mercy_ (94459 posts) - - Show Bio

Just gonna switch this to the Spider-Man forum for ya.

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#5 Posted by wr3h (433 posts) - - Show Bio

@Glitch_Spawn said:

Do you mean why does he have web shooters instead of natural webs?

Spiders make webs from their abdomen.....

Translate that into the human body.


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#6 Posted by _slim_ (16499 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty sure at one point Parker had organic webbing, which came out of his wrists, and not his abdomen.

So.. yeah.

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#7 Posted by thespideyguy (2770 posts) - - Show Bio

Didn't peter have organic webs in The Other story arc. Kaine has natural web shooters.

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