Ultimate Miles Morales

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I didn't see anything ongoing here so I started this up. After reading Superior Spider-Man 1, Miles Morales in the Ultimates and seeing the Turn Off the Dark Play on Broadway... You can't screw up a Spider-man Story. As long as all the basic elements are there, it is going to be cool.

19 Issues in on Ultimate spider-man Volume 3 and I have to say I'm still loving this book. It is my favorite title that I'm reading. Is anyone else with me on this or am I alone here?

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I want to see that show so bad!!!! Can you watch it online????????????????

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@Earth616 said:

I want to see that show so bad!!!! Can you watch it online????????????????

Same here.

@gio3432: Ultimate Comics Spiderman is my favorite title that I am reading.

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I haven't seen anything online for that, but I don't think it would be half as cool as it was in person. Spider-man swining through the crowd was the best part followed by the music being the second best part. The music the sell in a CD.

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I love Miles. I miss Peter but I love Miles. I just find it hard to suspend disbelief that all these other people are letting a 13 year old kid be Spider-Man.

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We had a Latino Spider-Man, now a Black Spider-Man. What will the next Spider-man be , European, Asian, Alien...?

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@BAUagent: Probably not it doesn't make any sense, I'm sure Miles Is going to be here for a long time, my friend so don't worry.

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Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark definitely exceeded my expectations. At the end when all the stuntmen come out and you realize how many guys were actually involved in the production it is quite extraordinary for a show. In the comics realm, Ultimate Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel book period. I actually enjoy the Ultimate Universe a lot more than the 616 or whatever the actual universe is. Miles is a fun character and they have kept the book interesting since the original volume began. Superior Spider-Man was good and definitely better than I expected but really you have to show what they did at the end so soon it just kind of ruins what the end of ASM was about. Oh well just got to wait and see.

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